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Alright, here it goes.

My real name is Eric Dion (no relation), born in Gatineau Qc, in a family of truck drivers, mechanics and construction workers. 

Gospel raised, music always had a huge part in my home, with my mom being a pastor, my sisters singing in the band, and my dad and brother being sound technicians at church. I was always a technician and on occasion I would sing, but personally I know God has given me a talent for music, but I didn't really care much about the church and playing in it. (Sorry Mom)

I always wanted to play music, but more then just play it, I wanted to know everything about music, from playing instruments, DJ'ing, sound technical, the history, the production, EVERYTHING. So I learned alot about it. I went to school in Gatineau, QC. Quit high school at 15. (BIG MISTAKE) I went back and finished it. Went to college. Started in technical, quit again, then went back in Montreal to finish my degree. Oh and yes, I have a degree and license as a bartender. Just in case. :) LOL

Now I have a degree in sound, lighting and pyrotechnics. I DJ  and I produce, compose and record my own music.

Living in Montreal, working, I always wanted to put out my own album, so I'm looking for artists that will sing and write for me. I produce for alot of other people and other companies, but hardly for my self. I've put out over 40 compilation CDs so far, done many remixes, produced and recorded many artists, but nothing that actually comes from me. I definitely want to change that. I also work at a web company, doing maintenance and creation of websites.